Client: Dr. Robin Young Industry: Healthcare Services: Graphic Design · Identity · Rebranding · Web Design · Illustration Project: Website rebranding Team: Brand strategy: TalkWise; Identity & web design: Visualwise CONTEXT Evidence-based psychotherapy research has demonstrated that the single most important factor determining successful outcomes in your therapy is building a trusting relationship with your therapist. Emotions like joy, fear, anger and sorrow make us human, they are integral parts of our identity. Feelings are just as real as our physical attributes, like skin, hair color, and height. Like a compass, emotions are useful to us, helping us navigate our path in life and work. The goal of therapy is to help us grow into the more resilient and successful people we’ve always hoped to be. CHALLENGE The therapist felt the old website and identity did not correspond to the newly brand essence. Knowing the fact that the clients need more transparency in order to build a trusting relationship with their doctor, the website needed to get a more warm and professional look. SOLUTION The brand analysis revealed that Dr. Young approach can help clients to make sense of their emotions, have more clarity and confidence in their life. Based on the company’s new slogan, ”Find your balance!” we updated the visual identity. The new website speaks about emotions, joy and clarity using a feminine design based on natural elements and a calming color palette. The new responsive website and its elegant design describes the credo of Dr. Young.

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